From Innovation & Technology Today, "A certain candidate for continuous referencing and dog-earing to those who buy it.”

From Fortune Magazine, The Customer-Funded Business is named as one "Five not-to-be-missed books."

From Financial Times, “The book will appeal to entrepreneurs and angel investors, who will gain inspiration and insights. Mullins is a good corporate storyteller, which is what makes this book an engaging read.”

From Entrepreneur Middle East, “The ideas are fresh, insightful, and very tech-relevant. No matter what sort of business you’re actually contemplating starting, this is a book you want to read.”

From Talk Business, "A truly different, but comprehensive way of looking at the issue of funding, this book will set the idea juices flowing.”"

From Elite Business: “Inspiration aplenty for entrepreneurs looking to do things their own way. With analysis, comment and advice, it offers plenty to take off the page and apply to their own endeavours.”

Named by Fortune as one of "Five not-to-be-missed books of 2014."
Verne Harnish, Fortune Magazine

"...a great book that any aspiring entrepreneur should read. What it says is such good common sense that it’s amazing it took so long to be written.”
- Rowan Gormley, entrepreneur and founder of Naked Wines

“The customer is not just king, he can be your VC too!  John Mullins’ brilliance has inspired my own success for many years and his ideas can drive yours as well.”
Bernard Auyang, entrepreneur and investor, International Chairman 2014-15, Young Presidents’ Organization

“Mullins has connected the dots. His clarity of insight blazes through in the five crisp models of the customer-funded business. He sharpens our understanding of how to use the power of market innovations and customer traction to fund emerging businesses. A great set of tools for the new and experienced entrepreneur.”
Jerry Engel, General Partner, Monitor Venture Partners, Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley

“John Mullins’ sage advice for entrepreneurs and the investors who back them is just as important for established companies that are trying to unlock innovation and growth. Customer funding is a powerful approach that too many businesses have simply forgotten, or never understood. If you don’t read this book, you’ll lose out to competitors who do.”
Mike Harris, Founding CEO of First Direct and Egg Banking, author, Find Your Lightbulb

 “John Mullins has a critical lesson for entrepreneurs: Not all money is created equal. When you fund your business with customers’ cash, rather than investors’, it makes you more focused, less dependent, and more likely to succeed. (Not to mention it saves you from a lot of begging.) It’s a message every entrepreneur – and every new product team – needs to hear.”
Dan Heath, co-author of the New York Times bestsellers Made to Stick, Switch, and Decisive

“This is THE cornerstone idea for entrepreneurs – to shun all other avenues first and pursue customers to fund their venture. This provides a critical forcing function business leaders need, in order to guarantee they are creating something truly valuable. After learning this lesson the hard way (raising angel funds and failing), my two latest ventures have followed Mullins’ sage advice and flourished.”
Verne Harnish, CEO Gazelles, Author of Scaling Up and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

The Customer-Funded Business should be mandatory reading for every entrepreneur before even thinking about seeking angel or venture capital funding. It’s also the perfect ‘what to look for’ guide for the professional angel investor. I will be giving a copy to every startup that pitches me!”
David Rose, Founder of New York Angels, CEO of Gust, and author of Angel Investing

“As a venture capitalist, nothing is more valuable to me than getting first-hand market feedback from customers about their experience with a new “killer” product.
The Customer-Funded Business expertly argues that the best and usually shortest path to developing that killer product is by getting customers to pay for it. By following the precepts of John’s book, and financing a business primarily from customers willing to be early adopters, entrepreneurs will have a much clearer and more persuasive blueprint about how to build the business, and therefore have a far easier time raising venture capital (and incur less dilution, too).”
Bruce Golden, General Partner, Accel Partners, Forbes Midas List of Top 100 Venture Investors

“I get sent, and buy, a large number of business books every year.  The Customer-Funded Business is simply one of the best, most informed books I have read in a long time. Fascinating case histories of customer-funded companies all over the globe.  A must read if you are considering starting your own business, or funding a new initiative.”
David Giampaolo, Chief Executive, Pi Capital, London

"A book I’d like to give to each of the founders we’ve backed. In this fascinating survey of successful – and not so successful – customer-funded businesses, John Mullins distills the lessons learned into simple rules. A valuable and entertaining read for anyone seeking to build a capital efficient business."
Michael Elias, Founder and Managing Director, Kennet Partners

“Worth the price of the book for Chapter 8 alone. Most startups will never have a chance to secure an institutional investment.  Some may never need one. John Mullins shows entrepreneurs another path employing proven Customer-Funded Business alternatives. Even if you plan on eventually scaling with venture capital, customer funding can be a smart path to experiment and prove your business in advance.”
Randy Komisar, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Lecturer, Stanford University, author, The Monk and the Riddle
“A timely reminder not to see your customers only as a source of credibility when you are starting out but as a valuable source of funding – particularly in the early days. Packed with good anecdotes and inspirational tales of entrepreneurial success (and failure), John Mullins nails it again!”
Richard Gourlay, Managing Director, Sussex Place Ventures

“Hits the nail on the head. Customer funding isn’t just another source of capital for starting or growing your business. It is – by far – the most intriguing source available. Mullins shows why, and he shows five ways to obtain it, too.”

Tom Byers, Professor and Director, Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Stanford University, co-author, Technology Ventures

“There are many books aimed at helping you develop the perfect pitch to ensure you get investment. But entrepreneurs start businesses, not investment vehicles. This book is a grand journey through many ways that we can build these businesses using other people's money or shifting our business model. And importantly - keeping the valuable equity to ourselves. Do not raise equity investment until you have read this book and considered every other option.”

Dale Murray, Co-founder Omega Logic, British Angel Investor of the Year 2011

“Happiness is a positive cash flow.  I remind my students that venture capitalists (and most angels) don’t typically fund new businesses, they fund businesses that are poised to grow rapidly.  The five models that John highlights can help entrepreneurs launch and validate their businesses when other sources of capital are scarce and expensive.”

Andrew Zacharakis, The John H. Muller, Jr. Chair in Entrepreneurship, Babson College

“Very accessible, thorough, and will no doubt be useful to aspiring (or struggling) entrepreneurs.  The models are a great analytical tool which the case studies bring to life.”

Amar Bhidé, Schmidheiny Professor, The Fletcher School, Tufts University, author, The Venturesome Economy and A Call for Judgment

The Customer-Funded Business, John once again provides us with a fantastic book. If someone is looking for inspiration on how to keep their cash requirements to a minimum and de-risk their investment - this is the first book they should pick up and read.
James King, Founder and Chairman, Find Invest Grow (FIG)
“Truly engaging. ‘Ring the cash register and sit on the float – and avoid running out of money and going out of business’. John Mullins convincingly guides entrepreneurs to dump their PowerPoint slides and look to their paying customers as their ‘first ports of call’. Early stage investors might want to think in similar fashion!
M.S. Rao, Professor, S P Jain Institute of Management and Research

“Essential reading for any budding entrepreneur – a revolutionary approach to funding a new venture. A fresh perspective on funding and scaling ambitions.”

Jim Hall, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Centre, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

“Professor Mullins breaks down the myth that the key to a successful business is to raise venture capital first. His prescriptions for finding the right customers and getting them to fund your business are a great step-by-step guide to raising venture capital – build the business first and the investments will follow!”

Bill Earner, Partner, Connect Ventures
“Practical and pithy, and a must read for an entrepreneur, full of pragmatic insights relevant to any entrepreneur or business executive.
Sunita Singh, Co-founder and Senior Director, National Entrepreneurship Network, India

“A truly fascinating book, long overdue. John Mullins has brought out a completely new paradigm in financing businesses. A lot of business failure will be avoided if entrepreneurs really understand the message and practice it.”

Kavil Ramachandran, Thomas Schmidheiny Professor of Family Business  and Wealth Management, Indian School of Business

“John Mullins has done it for the third time. After
The New Business Road Test and Getting to Plan B, he has produced yet another book for entrepreneurs, investors and educators that is based on rigorous research and at the same time engaging and practical. He shows how entrepreneurs can postpone raising costly venture funding by obtaining funding from customers in the early stages of their businesses."
Rama Velamuri, Professor of Entrepreneurship, China Europe International Business School, Shanghai

“A timely and healthy antidote to the almost universal focus on financing issues in starting new ventures. Mullins argues very convincingly that for most non-tech start-ups, seeking external financing not only is extremely time consuming and only rarely works, but often is counterproductive to developing sustainable businesses serving real customers’ needs. Mullins builds on his evidence-based approach to entrepreneurship successfully demonstrated in his previous best-sellers
The New Business Road Test and Getting to Plan B and provides would-be entrepreneurs with well-thought-through tool kits and real-life case stories.”
Søren P. Hovgaard, Head of Entrepreneurial Development Unit, External Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen

“A paradigm-shift in the way we think about startup funding. While "lean startup," "bootstrapping," and other methodologies have had their day in the startup spotlight, reading this book makes me realize that the next decade belongs to customer-funded businesses. And this book shows the way. Starting up, as well as angel investing, has more madness than method. But the five customer-funded models, as well as the "John's Business Angel Checklists" at the end of each chapter, distill the process down to its essentials.”

Ajeet Khurana, Top-15 Angel Investor, India, 2013

The Customer-Funded Business gets it. Great practical advice for those seeking to crowd fund their ventures. I recommend John’s book to those wanting a grounding in customer-funded business that is also deeply entrepreneurial in spirit. I can’t wait to put this book into action!”
Norris Krueger, Entrepreneurship Northwest, Fellow, Max Planck Institute

“Spot on for the entrepreneur as well as the angel investor….and even the business professor.  Mullins’ wisdom, experience and knowledge of entrepreneurs come through on every page.  Particularly insightful to me were the “John’s Business Angel Checklists” at the end of Chapters 2 – 7.  This book should be one that every entrepreneur takes time to read so that they build their business on solid and sustainable ground.” 

Keith Williams, Senior Vice President Member Experience, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

“John and I came to very similar insights from over a decade of very different kinds of research into what successful entrepreneurs have learned to do well.  This book captures beautifully what an expert entrepreneur I studied told me, "Treat your first customers as your partners – they are your earliest investors and your best salespeople."  The compelling stories in this book invite you and inspire you to learn how to do that.”

Saras Sarasvathy, Isidore Horween Research Associate Professor, The Darden School, University of Virginia

“Two of the most critical tasks that you as a startup CEO/Founder have to do are hire the right people and keep your company appropriately financed. While venture finance can accelerate the growth of businesses where appropriate, many times a company can benefit from other, more independent forms of funding their growth, particularly in the very early stages. Applying the concepts and tools in this book will likely make your company that much more attractive to an investor, for the investment capital they give you will be used to accelerate growth, rather than just provide financial subsistence.”

Carlos Eduardo Espinal, Partner, Seedcamp

“A very timely book. Investors are thin on the ground and entrepreneurs have to turn to alternative and even better sources of investment. Entrepreneurs are asked to prove the merits of their ventures and what better way than through customers. John’s gift for writing makes this an easy read and reminds us that “cash is king”.

Dr Shai Vyakarnam, Director Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

“Whether you are starting up a business in a garage or doing as I did, building one overseas on behalf of a large North American firm, this book is a relevant and compelling read. You are left in no doubt that Cash is clearly still King! John gives you the tools as well as his practical ‘business angel checklists’ coupled with captivating anecdotes to challenge and ultimately help you choose the right funding model for your business.” 

Peter Moores, CEO and Country Manager UK, Raymond James

“Another great book that gets to the heart of building companies. I wish more entrepreneurs understood the significance and freedom that cash generation can bring to young, fledging businesses. It puts an entrepreneur in the driver’s seat. As a venture capitalist, I dream of entrepreneurs that are able to independently validate their product or service with the market, lay down early traction and are constrained only by capital to take their companies to the next level. John’s book provides a comprehensive framework for thinking about how to generate cash and become self-sufficient as an entrepreneur.

Hussein Kanji, Founding Partner, Hoxton Ventures

“Throughout my 30 years in business, finding quality books which get to the heart of key issues for both entrepreneurs and investors has been a rarity.
The Customer-Funded Business does exactly this, providing excellent, straightforward advice along with real life examples. John has been there and done it in the business world. His knowledge and experience are clear to see.”
James Caan, author, Start Your Business in Seven Days and The Real Deal

“John provides a vital sanity check for inexperienced founders. Time chasing investors is often better spent creating (and realising) customer value".

Dave Chapman, Vice-Dean for Enterprise, University College London

“John Mullins' expertise is giving us forehead-slappingly new insights into taken-for-granted ideas. In this age of Kickstarter, we all think we know all about customer funding, but in this book John shows us Kickstarter is only one of five ways to get customers to fund our businesses. With great stories and great style, John takes what we all know and makes it fit together in new and powerful ways.”

Jerome Katz, Coleman Professor of Entrepreneurship, Saint Louis University